AutoCAD; and the representation of architecture


AutoCAD; and the Representation of architecture

Architecture:(Latin “architectura”, from the Greek “arkitekton”, ὰρχιτεκτονική – arkhitektonike, from ὰρχι chief or leader and Τεκτονική builder or carpenter) is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures.


After centuries of change in building technologies and process of designing + constructing of standing structures (ie. buildings) the role of the architect has changed. Being a master craftsman with his knowledge being passed down from his mentorMentor a symbolic element that reffers to the linearity of education during that period and the hierarchy of knowledge.  during the dark ages to modern architect [reffering to the modern period of early 20th century] that the architect became a pop icon on magazine covers, the architect has changed it’s role in the construction process.

Understanding that our era is being cataloged as transmodern / hypermodern period, it is evident that we anchor many of our analysis and thinking on the theories of the modern period. Knowing that the documentation of architecture changed during this period due to the major changes in education model of architecture we invented the early divisions of school/practice.evidence?   institutionalization of architectural education resulted in academicians [later on to be paper architects] who focused on the representation of architecture rather the construction aspect. This also coincided with changes in the industry that the engineers and other trades involved were sharing more of the architects liabilities + responsibilities. So the architects became the maestro of a master piece. Similar to the Maestro [conductor of the orchestra] the architect is not directly involved in the production of the final piece but he represents a set of ideas to help his team get there.

As architects we represent the construction of a built environmednt (building) in a set of standardized  technical data. Essentially we have agreed to represent architecture in 2D line drawn set of diagrams. Being very abstract form of communication it leave room for subjective interpretation.

Early design development of an architectural project happens through a procedure called process. We categories this process as a creative phenomenon. Though out the history different people have come up with different ways processes, that’s the personal and unique way which each individual communicates and represents his/her method of dealing with the required parameters of a built environment (buildings, pavilions, any 3d object that has spatial qualities.)

Buildings being a valuable commodity are an end result of an an architects vision with 50 trades involved for a relatively long period of time. Any contemporary architectural project needs to be financilly   sound and profitable to get built. In the past 25 years a slow shift towards Time and low cost materials.

  • architecture has changed
  • architects don’t do what they used to do
  • we only represent the ideas and we are removed from the construction process
  • the tools we choose to design with are very limiting/weak tools of representation

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