Constellation 2.2, Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal; visualizations

Constellation 2.0 from Jerome Delapierre on Vimeo.

Constellation 2.2 is the latest formation of the Constellation travelling exhibition in Montreal. The responsive screen gently holds to the existing structure of the Agora building at UQAM to create an interactive field of visualizations and sound to welcome the visitors to the headquarters of the 39th edition of  Festival du Nouveau Cinéma.
Activated with  a series of embedded touch-sensitive sensors across the continuous surface, the sonic environment designed by Navid Navab responds to the presence of visitors, wind, rain and surroundings of the site. The visualizations designed by Jerome Delapierre create a dynamic field that interacts with the composed sound-art and the visitors presence.
Constellation 2.2′s architecture hints at the importance of built-environments adaptability to media and the next generation of smart spaces. Constellation series are an attempt to create a flexible and versatile architectural infrastructure for media and performance artists to engage. With embedded sensors, speakers and video projections the Constellation series are flexible environments that allow for any artist with  any software platform bring the constellation to life.

Architecture in collaboration with Matthew Fielding , Cosmin Iancu
Sound Art: Navid Navab
Visualization: Jerome Delapierre

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Constellation2.2 from Navid Navab on Vimeo.


Constellation 2.1; Responsive Timisoara

Timisoara, Romania
09 – 16 May 2010

Constellation 2.1 is a responsive environment built for Timisoara Student Festival at D’arc terrace. Map

Timisoara_side-view2 Timisoara_darc_under-view Timisoara_Under-Bridge-view2


A revisit to out previous project Constellation 2.0 this project was part of a lecture series in Timisoara,Romania to be followed by a series of workshops in Fall of 2010.

Constellation 2.1 is an interactive installation which responds to the sound of it’s surroundings with a series of microphones and audio sensors. The visualizations  projected on the fabric is effected by the sound picked up by the microphones.

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Design/ Built team:

Mani Mani, Cosmin Iancu, Dan Crasnic [superman]


AutoCAD; and the representation of architecture


AutoCAD; and the Representation of architecture

Architecture:(Latin “architectura”, from the Greek “arkitekton”, ὰρχιτεκτονική – arkhitektonike, from ὰρχι chief or leader and Τεκτονική builder or carpenter) is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures.


After centuries of change in building technologies and process of designing + constructing of standing structures (ie. buildings) the role of the architect has changed. Being a master craftsman with his knowledge being passed down from his mentorMentor a symbolic element that reffers to the linearity of education during that period and the hierarchy of knowledge.  during the dark ages to modern architect [reffering to the modern period of early 20th century] that the architect became a pop icon on magazine covers, the architect has changed it’s role in the construction process. Read more “AutoCAD; and the representation of architecture”


Ontology of space in Cmaj7

Ontology of space in Cmaj7

An experiment in music/architecture

08 Fabric Form Wrok

This project has been an attempt to compose space from sound. Or capture the space between two musical notes.

Two notes, C and G have been translated through Max/MSP application to a series of numbers. These numbers create coordinates to a point cloud which define a space in Rhino 3D modeling environment. Through a series of exploration with different methods of surfacing some forms and objects were contrived. Each note created a virtual object that was unrolled and unfolded to a group of flat surfaces.

space2 space1

These surfaces were translated through a laser cutting method to two physical models. Each model representing a note became a base for a network of stretchable fabric to connect the inside edges of the two panels together. The space captured between the surfaces is a note between C and G which expresses a Cmaj7 chord.

01 abstract1

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