Winebottle Shelf

The Winebottle Shelf is a modular shelving system made with rapidly renewable, and FSC certified wood and reclaimed wine bottles.
Designed by Mani Mani, the Winebottle Shelf is currently in production at Fishtnk Design Factory, Toronto, Canada.

The shelves come in standard sizes of 1200mmX400mmX20mm. There are 3 options available:
-Kirei Board, natural finish, 6-shelf Unit.
-Bamboo-Ply, natural and chocolate finish,  6-shelf Unit.
-Canadian Birch-Ply, Natural and White Washed finish, 6-shelf Unit.
We also provide a customization option for the Winebottle Shelves to meet the specific requirements of our clients and designers we work with. For more information contact:


Double-Dip Bench

Double-Dip Bench
Double-Dip Bench is a unique bench and storage designed by Fishtnk. The frame is made with Birch ply-wood and the felt cushion weaves itself through the frame to create an adjustable storage component suspended from the structure.
The Double-Dip Bench is hand-made at Fishtnk’s Parkdale studio, Toronto. The cushion is made with 100% carbonized high grade wool [felt] and is available in customizable colors.
Dimensions: 48-60-72″X14″X17.5″ [available in S, M, L]
Price: $1800
There is also a limited edition leather cushion available, contact for more information.
Contact us at to order.

Farnsworth wall

Farnsworth Wall is an architectural wall module that uses and harvests solar energy for illuminating indoor spaces. This application, using real-time responses to it’s surrounding environment, creates an engaging experience for people on site. The

Farnsworth wall is a modular paneling system built as a Structural Insulated Panel (S.I.P.) in a standard 4’X8′ size.

This module can be cut and applied to virtually any existing or new construction. A layer of solar panels on the exterior harvests and stores radiant energy and an embedded system of low-energy L.E.D. lights on the other side illuminates the interior space.

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Woody Terrain; handmade eyewear

Woody terrainWoody-Terrain is a prototype for a plywood eye-wear based on a series of my designs at Cutler and Gross of London for their Summer2006 collection.
Layered with flat pieces of Baltic-Birch plywood, woody-terrain employs standard manufacturing methods to capture a unique pattern that becomes it’s main characteristic feature.
This piece is the first of an evolving collection.

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