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The Bookseat

“We cannot revise the plans for contemporary houses effectively unless we take a new look at the furniture question…Furniture, apart from chairs and tables consists almost entirely of storage space.And existing storage units generally have the wrong dimensions and are practically unusable. I condemn such waste of space.”Le Corbusier; 1930


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The Bookseat is a simple bookcase that playfully curves and becomes a seat, is a creative design responding to the advent of multifunctional spaces in today’s urban living. Noted as one of the “ten must sees” at Toronto Interior Design Show and awarded for best design at SIDIM, Montreal. The Bookseat is hand-crafted in Ontario and available with a felt cushion in customizable colors and limited edition leather cushion.

Bookseat at work

dimensions: 600x920x843 mm

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Constellation 2.2, Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal; visualizations

Constellation 2.0 from Jerome Delapierre on Vimeo.

Constellation 2.2 is the latest formation of the Constellation travelling exhibition in Montreal. The responsive screen gently holds to the existing structure of the Agora building at UQAM to create an interactive field of visualizations and sound to welcome the visitors to the headquarters of the 39th edition of  Festival du Nouveau Cinéma.
Activated with  a series of embedded touch-sensitive sensors across the continuous surface, the sonic environment designed by Navid Navab responds to the presence of visitors, wind, rain and surroundings of the site. The visualizations designed by Jerome Delapierre create a dynamic field that interacts with the composed sound-art and the visitors presence.
Constellation 2.2′s architecture hints at the importance of built-environments adaptability to media and the next generation of smart spaces. Constellation series are an attempt to create a flexible and versatile architectural infrastructure for media and performance artists to engage. With embedded sensors, speakers and video projections the Constellation series are flexible environments that allow for any artist with  any software platform bring the constellation to life.

Architecture in collaboration with Matthew Fielding , Cosmin Iancu
Sound Art: Navid Navab
Visualization: Jerome Delapierre

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Constellation2.2 from Navid Navab on Vimeo.


Winebottle Shelf

The Winebottle Shelf is a modular shelving system made with rapidly renewable, and FSC certified wood and reclaimed wine bottles.
Designed by Mani Mani, the Winebottle Shelf is currently in production at Fishtnk Design Factory, Toronto, Canada.

The shelves come in standard sizes of 1200mmX400mmX20mm. There are 3 options available:
-Kirei Board, natural finish, 6-shelf Unit.
-Bamboo-Ply, natural and chocolate finish,  6-shelf Unit.
-Canadian Birch-Ply, Natural and White Washed finish, 6-shelf Unit.
We also provide a customization option for the Winebottle Shelves to meet the specific requirements of our clients and designers we work with. For more information contact:


Double-Dip Bench

Double-Dip Bench
Double-Dip Bench is a unique bench and storage designed by Fishtnk. The frame is made with Birch ply-wood and the felt cushion weaves itself through the frame to create an adjustable storage component suspended from the structure.
The Double-Dip Bench is hand-made at Fishtnk’s Parkdale studio, Toronto. The cushion is made with 100% carbonized high grade wool [felt] and is available in customizable colors.
Dimensions: 48-60-72″X14″X17.5″ [available in S, M, L]
Price: $1800
There is also a limited edition leather cushion available, contact for more information.
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