Constellation 2.1; Responsive Timisoara

Timisoara, Romania
09 – 16 May 2010

Constellation 2.1 is a responsive environment built for Timisoara Student Festival at D’arc terrace. Map

Timisoara_side-view2 Timisoara_darc_under-view Timisoara_Under-Bridge-view2


A revisit to out previous project Constellation 2.0 this project was part of a lecture series in Timisoara,Romania to be followed by a series of workshops in Fall of 2010.

Constellation 2.1 is an interactive installation which responds to the sound of it’s surroundings with a series of microphones and audio sensors. The visualizations ¬†projected on the fabric is effected by the sound picked up by the microphones.

More Photos …

Design/ Built team:

Mani Mani, Cosmin Iancu, Dan Crasnic [superman]

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