Create/Destroy from Fishtnk on Vimeo.

Create/Destroy is the first collaboration, of a series with Tom Ngo + Will Klassen

Create/Destroy is an interactive drawing machine that uses colourful lines for expressing the visitors mass-decision. This piece is based on the principals of crowd-sourcing and participatory new media.

As the visitors enter, they are given the option to chose between two paths, “Create” or “Destroy.” Based on the individual’s decisions, the sensors detect their interaction and the machine expresses their decision as a whole by drawing a series of colour coded lines on a white surface.

Each time a visitor enters the space, a marker is removed from the stack of markers and a new marker is added to the queue. Choosing ”Create”, the  participant would add a colour marker to the stack of markers drawing on the surface. “Destroy” would add a black market to over-write the previous lines.


In a sense the ideas and approach of  Fun Palace, [1959 ,Cedric Price + Joan Littlewood + Gordon Pask] has been the basis and foundation of this piece.


Commissioned by relativespace ; For  Toronto International Design Festival, Design Symposium: Conversations in Design,

“On January 27, 2011 the symposium will challenge its audience to think outside the box, and ultimately illuminate and inspire on the provocative subject of Crowdsourcing Creativity and Community. Is crowdsourcing—better known as “tapping talent from the crowd” — helping or hindering creativity? How are crowdsourcing and open source contributing to design for social change? These are just a few of the issues and questions that will be debated by 10 international thinkers who will share their practical experiences with crowdsourcing and open source design as it relates to humanitarian projects and commercial design.”

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