Tunable Sound Cloud 2.0; Preliminary Acoustical Studies

Research has begun on developing the next iteration of the Tunable Sound Cloud - a responsive architectural application that allows for real-time ...

TSC [Tunable Sound Cloud] 1.0

Tunable Sound Cloud 1.0 [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3196,3197,3198,3199,3200"] Tunable Sound Cloud is a responsive architectural ...


Constellation 2.2, Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal; visualizations

Constellation 2.0 from Jerome Delapierre on Vimeo. Constellation 2.2 is the latest formation of the Constellation travelling exhibition in ...


Constellation 2.1; Responsive Timisoara

Timisoara, Romania 09 - 16 May 2010 Constellation 2.1 is a responsive environment built for Timisoara Student Festival at D'arc terrace. Map ...

Constellation 2.0; a responsive environment

Constellation 2.0; a responsive environment from Fishtnk on

TSC [tunable sound cloud] Draft Video

Tunable Sound Cloud _ responsive ceiling surface from Fishtnk on

Music + Architecture; introducing Tunable Sound Cloud

Tunable Sound Cloud Beyond acoustics in music performance halls; a responsive sound system for architecture. My research on Music+Architecture ...


Ontology of space in Cmaj7

Ontology of space in Cmaj7 An experiment in music/architecture This project has been an attempt to compose space from sound. Or ...