Ontology of space in Cmaj7

Ontology of space in Cmaj7

An experiment in music/architecture

08 Fabric Form Wrok

This project has been an attempt to compose space from sound. Or capture the space between two musical notes.

Two notes, C and G have been translated through Max/MSP application to a series of numbers. These numbers create coordinates to a point cloud which define a space in Rhino 3D modeling environment. Through a series of exploration with different methods of surfacing some forms and objects were contrived. Each note created a virtual object that was unrolled and unfolded to a group of flat surfaces.

space2 space1

These surfaces were translated through a laser cutting method to two physical models. Each model representing a note became a base for a network of stretchable fabric to connect the inside edges of the two panels together. The space captured between the surfaces is a note between C and G which expresses a Cmaj7 chord.

01 abstract1

More photos …

December 2007

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