Owl; the smart light

Owl; the smart light from Fishtnk on Vimeo.

Owl, is a smart pendant light with light sensors, energy efficient LED bulbs and a multi-platform smart phone App. Owl; the smart light comes with an App for IPhone, Android and Blackberry devices as well as a web interface for personal computers accessible through a web browser.

As part of our Smart Furnishing collection we use smart phones or other personal handheld devices with wireless or internet access as a universal remote for home interiors and commercial environments. The App allows the user to adjust the color temperature; Warm to Cool White, and the intensity of the light with a dimmer effect directly from their handheld device.

This smart environmentally conscious system will provide the user with the energy

consumption of the lighting-device during each session.

With different profiles and settings the user can create a new profile or select a pre-set program* which will run through a time based cycle to adjust the light according to the time of the day, location and environmental factors and specific preferences of the user.

The intuitive design of the interface and the plug and play architecture of the product makes Owl a versatile lighting device for any house hold, office or commercial space.


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