Parametric Furniture Research

This research project has been an on-going collaboration which has resulted in a unique approach to structural optimization and material performance analysis of furniture and product design.

With current developments in analytic + parametric design software and the tools available to designers, the idea of mass-customization in large scale production has had a new definition. Our research and studies in the high-performance design and manufacturing of furniture has been an interesting look into the practical aspect of today’s methodology of design, prototyping and production.


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The Vessel Chair by Fishtnk became a case study for this research. The outcome is developed as a malleable algorithm to be applied to different disciplines for material and structural optimization on the principals of mass-customization. The latest production and the most celebrated piece from this collection was the Cortical Chair, launched in January of 2012. (See images below)

The Cortical Chair has been the latest addition to this research :


Pieces like ThreeVessel chairBungeeseatLeftover chair(Later called the Parkdale Chair) are a few that were developed to production level.

Three-Chair_Bungee seat Vessel_Chair Parkdale_Chair

Parachair working interface Parachair working interface

This collection is developed in Grasshopper for Rhino software platform. The input sensory has been a series of digitizers, image based mapping techniques and live input.




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