“We cannot revise the plans for contemporary houses effectively unless we take a new look at the furniture question…Furniture, apart from chairs and tables consists almost entirely of storage space.And existing storage units generally have the wrong dimensions and are practically unusable. I condemn such waste of space.”Le Corbusier; 1930

Dimensions: 33″ x 36″ x 41″(H) + 12 linear feet of shelve space
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Site Study

Production samples for a large scale architectural site model.


Parametric Furniture design and prototyping

This research project has been an on-going collaboration which has resulted in a unique approach to structural optimization and material performance analysis of furniture and product design.

Please visit our sister company, for prototyping and batch-production of your designs. We gave a specialized team dedicated to assist you with your projects in any scale.

With current developments in analytic + parametric design software and the tools available to designers, the idea of mass-customization in large scale production has had a new definition. Our research and studies in the high-performance design and manufacturing of furniture has been an interesting look into the practical aspect of today’s methodology of design, prototyping and production.

The Vessel Chair by Fishtnk became a case study for this research. The outcome is developed as a malleable algorithm to be applied to different disciplines for material and structural optimization on the principals of mass-customization. The latest production and the most celebrated piece from this collection was the Cortical Chair, launched in January of 2012. (See images below)