Vessel Chair; a prototype for the Parachair project

The design of the Vessel chair is driven by the Voronoi tessellation pattern. Part of Parachair collection by fishtnk,  Grasshopper™ plugin for Rhinoceros3D modeling platform is utilized in order to model the parametrically designed frame; The chair frame is constructed with one inch plywood, milled with 3axis CNC machine. The seat surface is created by extruding the edges of the structure cut-outs of the frame. The material is flexible polyester resin fiberglass.
The vessel chair is designed as an responsive mass-customized furniture. Designed in Grasshopper/Rhino computer platform the structure is scripted around 3 variables:
The users height, weight + a raster image.

Vessel Chair _ A prototype for parametric furniture from Fishtnk on Vimeo.

Based on these parameters, the algorithm re-calculates the amount of structure needed according to the height/weight ratio of the user and takes away the unnecessary material, changes the proportions to the most optimum dimensions.
The third variable, the users submitted picture, is to be analysed for the colour selection of the chair [this is the part I’m still developing.]
If the user is happy with the outcome the design could be submitted [baked] to be processed as CAM [Computer aided manufacuring] information for CNC milling.

By early 2009 there will be a section of this site dedicated to input of these varaibles and visualizing your chair, if you were happy with out come you can place an order right there!

Find more photos like this on my Grasshopper page.

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